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Symmpl is the easiest way for seniors to stay connected

About Symmpl – Online Press-Kit

Company overview & approach

Symmpl is a patent-pending technology-education system for seniors.  We are not just any system developer. Our unique focus on the senior market with the twist of using voice guidance and touch navigation through the assistance of a virtual guide gives us an advantage over our competitors by offering customers a more supportive and self-paced way to learn how to share emails and photos, shop, and get information on travel, health recreation and more.  This fills a need of not just education, but expands our reach to people who would normally be fearful of using technology to learn how-to-use technology.

Even our main approach to the market itself is unique, and sets us apart.  Since many of our potential senior subscribers are not currently online, our main approach is to reach-out to family members, i.e. their children or grandchildren, many of whom have an older version iPad device that they can easily install Symmpl on and send to their senior family member or friend to use.  This approach allows us to not only solve the paradox of reaching seniors who aren’t online via online channels, but also because we’ve enlisted the help of an internet savvy friend or family member, the senior recipient can have the technical part of installing Symmpl on the device already taken care of for them.

Our ideal users are either male or female, over the age of 65, and who have an iPad that they have purchased themselves or acquired from their adult children or grandchildren. They are intimidated by computers or they find it hard to keep up with technology, but want to communicate with friends and family via email, photo sharing, and video calls, and shop and explore online as well.

Overall our two main competitors, (Grandpad and Telekin) are priced out of the market by Symmpl which offers the same end result of seniors staying in touch and utilizing the internet, at a fraction of the cost of either of the competitors and with the help of the talking assistant Symantha providing a guided easy to follow experience.

The team

Chief Executive Officer
 Jay Smithlinked-in-round2

Jay Smith brings a tenure of executive leadership to Symmpl from operating NASDAQ companies, to the entrepreneurial start-ups. From Aerospace technology, to toys, to video games, to consumer products, the common thread has been innovative technology, applied to consumers.  Jay was also co-founder and chairman of Play it now inc, a Los Angeles based media company that created a games system for interactive TV that allowed the players to win cash if they scored well within their handicap.  Jay was also CEO of Adrenalin Interactive, (ADRN) on the NASDAQ Stock Market. It was formed as a merger between Wanderlust Games and Western Technologies and created a range of products including video games such as Tiger Woods Golf, Spiderman, X-men and Trivial Pursuit. The company was acquired in a significant M&A transaction in 2000.

Senior Vice President
Anson Sims - Senior VP of Symmpl inc. 
Anson Sims linked-in-round2

Anson has substantial experience in management of new product design, both in major corporations and as an independent designer. He was one of our founders and is particularly tuned to the personal relationship between our virtual talking assistant Symantha, and the end user of the tablet devices.  Anson was also the owner of A. Sims Associates, with Over 29 years experience in the conceptualization, development and licensing of consumer products, specializing in toys. Notable record of creating and licensing of over 50 inventions and consultation to companies worldwide including Mattel Toys, Hasbro Toys, Tonka Toys, Playmates Toys, Ohio Art, Lucky-Goldstar-Korea (LG), Takara-Japan, Blue Box Toys-Japan, to name a few.

CTO – Chief Technical Officer
 John Keating linked-in-round2

John is the Director of Software and Engineering. He has wide experience in the industry and is especially creative with the unique and proprietary software required to power the talking Assistant for the diverse

Symmpl Activities.   John architected and developed hybrid client that brings together custom email, contacts, photos, news, social media and other functionality with a highly interactive and easy to use interface combined with a cloud based server and backend portal. SYMMPL is built on a native codebase plus web technologies like Cordova, JQuery Mobile and Firebase.

An app for the Symmpl system

The Symmpl System consists of memory and computing in the cloud, and an app that installs on an iPad. (coming soon to Android).  The app is revolutionary for seniors who find the internet a confusing and daunting place.  Symmpl makes it easy with voice guidance and touch navigation through the assistance of Symantha, a virtual guide to sharing emails, photographs, health, and recreation.  Symmpl also makes shopping, travel, and much more, “symmpl” for any senior user, regardless of their technology skills.

Symmpl is available now for a 30 day free trial, and has announced a 50% subscription price reduction, making it even more simple to help your loved ones stay connected.

Symmpl - Easy internet for seniors

Our vision is to help seniors with a self-paced educational tool that will allow them to learn to use the internet efficiently and easily.  So they will be able to connect with friends and family, shop, relay health information to friends and family, and of course get the information they want or need from the internet as well.  We do all of this by providing them with a system that utilizes a virtual assistant called “Symantha”, who talks users through the various steps.

Tasks include email, photos, health reporting, and even easy access to social media like Facebook.  Symmpl plans to expand in the future and continually be adding to the service, as well as form partnerships with senior based services and organizations.

Symmpl video demonstration

There’s no better way to show you how fantastic Symmpl is than to see it in action.  Symmpl has a video demonstration video online via YouTube which can be viewed below.


We would welcome the opportunity to be featured.  We of course would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have, and of course provide you with as much detail as you would like about Symmpl inc. and our plans for the future.

Symmpl, Inc.

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