Symmpl - Easy internet for seniors

Beginning on April 26, 2018 Symmpl Inc. ( announces it will reduce its monthly subscription price on its easy email and internet for senior citizens iPad App.  Symmpl is reducing the price by 50%, taking it from the original subscription price of $9.99 down to just $4.99 per month after the initial 30 day free-trial.

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About Symmpl:

Symmpl is a revolutionary app for senior citizens who find the internet a confusing and daunting place.  Symmpl makes it easy with voice and/or touch navigation through the assistance of Symantha, a virtual guide to sharing emails, photographs, health, and recreation.  Symmpl also makes shopping, travel, and much more “symmpl” for any senior user regardless of their technology skills.

Symmpl’s vision is to help seniors with a self-paced educational tool that will allow them to learn to use the internet efficiently and easily, so they will be able to connect with friends and family, shop, relay health information to friends and family, and of course get the information they want or need from the internet.

There’s no better way to show you how fantastic Symmpl is than for you to see it in action.  Symmpl has a video demonstration online via YouTube which can be viewed at

To learn more about Symmpl please visit our website at