Symmpl is a revolutionary iPad app for senior citizens who find the internet a confusing and daunting place.  Symmpl makes it easy with voice and/or touch navigation through the assistance of Symantha, a virtual guide to sharing emails, photographs, health, and recreation.  Symmpl also makes shopping, travel, and much more “symmpl” for any senior user, regardless of their technology skills.

EASY EMAIL Send and receive email without typing

EASY FACEBOOK Easy to follow posts from friends and relatives

EASY PHOTOS Automatically saved to your album. Enjoy and send to others

EASY CONTACTS List of friends and relatives saved automatically for easy access

SYMANTHA Built-in talking assistant knows your name, guides through every activity

SCROLLING TEXT Displays Symantha’s every word, great for hard-of-hearing

LISTEN TO EMAIL Symantha can read your emails to you

PHOTO SHOW When inactive, home screen becomes auto slide show of album photos

GUIDED ACCESS Can make Symmpl the only thing seen on your iPad. Eliminates confusion

LIVE TECH SUPPORT Real phone and email customer support


30 day free trial

30 Day FREE trial – no credit card required. After the free trial, Symmpl is billed to your App Store account at only $9.99 per month.