The Symmpl System consists of memory and computing in the cloud, and an app that installs on an iPad. (coming soon to Android). The app is revolutionary for seniors who find the internet a confusing and daunting place. Symmpl makes it easy with voice guidance and touch navigation through the assistance of Symantha, a virtual guide to sharing emails, photographs, health, and recreation. Symmpl also makes shopping, travel, and much more, “symmpl” for any senior user, regardless of their technology skills.  Symmpl is coming in March of 2017.  Our vision is to help seniors with a self-paced educational tool that will allow them to learn to use the internet efficiently and easily. So they will be able to connect with friends and family, shop, relay health information to friends and family, and of course get the information they want or need from the internet as well. We do all of this by providing them with a system that utilizes a virtual assistant called “Symantha”, who talks users through the various steps. Tasks include email, photos, health reporting, and even easy access to social media like Facebook.

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