Symmpl - Easy Email & Internet App for Seniors

Symmpl is the easiest way for seniors to stay connected

Symmpl, iPad made easy for seniors

Symmpl - Easy internet for seniors

Symmpl is a revolutionary app for senior citizens who find the internet a confusing and daunting place.  Symmpl makes it easy with voice and/or touch navigation through the assistance of Symantha, a virtual guide to sharing emails, photographs, health, and recreation.  Symmpl also makes shopping, travel, and much more “symmpl” for any senior user, regardless of their technology skills.

Symmpl is available now at for a “LIMITED TIME 30 day free (no credit card required) trial”.  Symmpl installs on iPad (coming soon to Android) based systems.  After your free trial Symmpl is billed to your App Store account at only $4.99 per month.

Here’s what you get with Symmpl!!

  • Easy Email:  You can send and receive email without having to type
  • Easy Facebook:  Easy to follow posts by friends and relatives
  • Easy Photos:  They automatically go into your album
  • Easy Contacts:  List of friends & relatives recorded automatically
  • Symantha:  An interactive built-in talking assistant; guides you thru activities
  • Scrolling Text:  Displays every word Symantha says.  Good for hard of hearing
  • Listen to email:  Symantha can read your emails to you
  • Photo Show:  Scrolls your photos on the screen when Symmpl is left alone for 5 min
  • Guided Access:  Can make Symmpl the ONLY thing you see on your iPad
  • Live Tech Support:  Real customer support by email or phone


Click here to visit Symmpl’s official website start your 30 day free trial.
Or visit the App Store to download now!

**Don’t delay, the 30 day free trial is for a limited time only!! 


Please also take a moment and view our “video product demonstration” below.
Don’t let them go another day out of touch!


Feel free to connect with us on social media.  We would enjoy hearing your thoughts about our product, and encourage you to share them with your family and friends.


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